Case Study

Grain Bags in the “Great White North!”

When the Province of Saskatchewan Canada looked at a long term sustainable measures to recycle farmers’ mass of used LDPE grain bags, it was not long until they contacted G.P.S.

Grain bags are large LDPE film bags that are filled with wheat grain heads upon harvest. They typically are stored in the field after harvest. These large containers are typically 10’ in diameter and up to 250’ in length. These flexible storage solutions are used for storage of the material in place of more traditional silos. Seen in the field, these structures are quite imposing. More imposing to the Province’s farmers is how to recycle them as mandate by law.

In the past, grain bags were burned or buried to dispose of them. However, new regulations make these options illegal. So, farmers across the province looked to private industry for a sustainability solution.

The rural Saskatchewan locations made typical Chinese opportunists back away from getting involved. More local Canadian processesor could not handle the volume of the material. G.P.S stepped in, when asked, and came up with creative solutions to make farmers, government regulators and others satisfied.

Materials are baled much like hay is baled in the field. These bales are tied down tight. Farmers bring the bales to depots in strategic locations across the Province. Truckload quantities are collected and then GPS picks up the full loads for recycling.

While on location, GPS employees were thanked by several Saskatchewan farmers for providing a “no cost” solution to their complicated recycling need.